Mom  Sable is a liver 6.12 pounds and Dad Cohiba is a light liver pepper  both are super coated Cohibia is 3.08 pounds.    Both are Embark tested clear.  This is a first litter for both Born  2/10/23 

1 female

Pictures updated 3/23/2023

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PENDING $2,900 Female liver pepper very tiny the only little baby born 02/10/2023  she has balloned out what a beautiful little girl lots of thick fur. She is a chunky Monkey since she dosen't have to share the milk bottles.  Expecting her to be a Tcup stunning fur mega coat liver pepper light tan.  Weight on 3/24/ 2023 6  weeks is 1.6 pounds she is small in structure the weight was at the vets she weighted 1.9 on mine so we will go by the vets scale.  Her ultra sound was perfect no problems found and everything looked normal . She is perfection and will be the best little companion  she is a pocket  purse baby.  She also received her 1st puppy shot

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